It's time to write again!!

I had thought my next book would be Clarity Therapy, the book I know I want to write some day about my philosophy of coaching, complete with a 'magic toolkit' of tools and techniques I have found really help, sometimes even transform, people.

I also wanted to write a storybook to pass down to my daughters called My Shelter and My Song, a book of experiences I have had where it was clear God loves me, God loves us all, and how He/She loves to intervene in our lives, in dramatic ways, to demonstrate that strong, loyal and effective love.

But instead, I am finding myself writing a book called, provisionally, We are Already Whole. I am convinced that at our core, each of us has an Original Self, an untouchable place of beauty and wholeness, that cannot be damaged by anything that life throws at us. I have found that this concept of the Original Self has been lost and I want to remind us of it. I am writing it as a book of short reflections, a daybook for 30 days. I am hoping to include a few tools that I will also put into Clarity Therapy, tools which connect us to our core, a quiet untouchable place of beauty and truth within. I have found that walking a labyrinth, making a mandala, and proprioceptive writing are shortcuts back to our center. I am excited about writing this little book and I feel it will take less than the usual 2 years to put it together. Sheri is coming to visit next week and I am excited to begin to talk with her about it!

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