Bigger Game

On the wonderful journey of the past 16 years, I met Rick Tamlyn. He was one of the co-leaders of the Leadership program that I was involved in during 2009. He and Laura Whitworth, another powerful Coaches Training institute Coach, developed a powerful workshop called The Bigger Game.

The Bigger Game is designed to help people answer two questions.

  1. What is my compelling purpose in this world?

  2. How can I live that out in a practical way?… what is the Bigger Game I want to be up to in the world at this time?

In December 2009, I attended a Bigger Game workshop in Westford, Connecticut.I loved the workshop, and found it to be both elegant and powerful. I loved it so much that I determined to become certified to lead the workshop myself, for the benefit of my patients, coaching clients, and friends.

I attended Train the Trainer May 4-8, 2010, at Silver Bay, New York. In this beautiful setting 10 amazing people from around the world met to learn the Bigger Game workshop timelines, for the sake of becoming effective facilitators of the workshop. After the workshop I hosted my first Bigger Game workshop in my studio June 18-19, 2010. Now, I co-facilitate the bigger game workshop with Meni Mantzavrakos. Read more about Meni at

Meni and I like to create Bigger Game experiences for small groups of people, usually 6-12. Over the years we have led many Bigger Games in Peterborough and London Ontario and in Torquay, England, for about 100 people in total. We held a Bigger Game Alumni event in Peterborough on April 30, 2016.  Together, we got to experience once again the power of the Bigger Game game board to bring clarity to our lives. It was wonderful to hear what was going in each others' lives and to support each other as allies in the world. 

Endorsements for the Bigger Game:

“Before I began the Bigger Game weekend I wanted focus and simplicity.  Guess what I got?  Focus and Simplicity!”

- Sheila  Hannon,


“Bigger Game is a paradigm shift.  It changes the way we view the world and also changes the way we play in our world.  Bigger Game combines critical elements into a comprehensive way to think about change.”

- David Gillespie, creator of the program "Swim to Survive"

"Bigger Game catalyzed a huge perspective shift that gave me the confidence I needed to finally begin my life's work of changing education.  The Indigo Project was born of this magical weekend."

- Sheri Smith, CEO and Founder, Indigo Project

"I participated in Sue's Bigger Game workshop in 2010. I was transitioning into a new professional role and hoped to reconnect with my deepest sense of purpose and develop a clear vision for my work. Through individual and group exercises and through one on one time with Sue, I deepened my understanding of what energizes me and found courage to create structures in my life that I need for my own health. I learned tools I could apply beyond the weekend and a language that I return to when I need to step back and look at the big picture."

-Michelle Fraser MD, Author of Love Makes Us Beautiful: A Book of blessings. Available at

"I participated in the Bigger Game workshop with Sue in 2010, at a point in my life when I felt lost and purposeless. The workshop weekend was intense, energizing and life changing! As a result of the Bigger Game I went back to school for documentary film, created a short film that played in a festival and have now just wrapped production on my first feature documentary. I am grateful to the Bigger Game and to Sue for helping me find my path."

-Megan Murphy. Follow Megan's film at

Sue made the workshop fun, as well as practical. As a result, the workshop weekend became the pathway to discovering my life purpose!

-Phil Barber. Author of Fatherless available at

The next Bigger Game workshop will be held September 21-22,2019!! The fee is $300. If you would be interested, contact Sue or Meni!!