Expressive Arts

I was attending a week of the Expressive Arts Practitioner certificate course at Haliburton School of the arts.  We were learning how making music, using our voices, and moving our bodies could heal ourselves and our prospective clients. During the movement section, our teacher was Martha Randall, a Black belt instructor in Nia. 

Nia is a form of exercise created by combining 3 martial arts + 3 dance arts + 3 healing arts.  As Martha led us through a one hour long Nia class, I fell in love with Nia instantly. I cried through most of the hour. It felt like honest, heartfelt movement, and I knew that I wanted to do more of it, and perhaps even take the training to become an instructor.

In July 2009, I attended a White Belt Intensive class taught by Martha Randall. And I committed to becoming a teacher of Nia. In October 2009 I began to teach a weekly Nia class in my studio for my own patients and/or coaching clients.   In February 2011, I became a Nia Blue Belt.  In April of 2012, I became a Nia 5 Stages Instructor. Over the past 9 years my Nia students and I have discovered how much joy, pleasure, peace, freedom and increased flexibility, balance and strength are to be found through a regular practice of Nia. Not to mention all the laughter and all the fun we have enjoyed together!

In my  life coaching work, I have found that art making, drumming, singing, sand tray work, writing, dancing,  and walking the labyrinth can add so much to the coaching experience. Over the years I have developed a 'Magic Tool Kit' of the expressive arts tools I have found to be most helpful. One day,I will write a book called Clarity Therapy. I am planning to write about what I have found works to heal the people I have been privileged to know and serve, and how the expressive arts are important, often indispensable, to the deep healing of people.