A Soul Disentangled.

This month, I have been taking a course on Personal Myth with Sarah Ban Breathnach. Last week she shared with us a quote written by WB Yeats. I have been captivated by it!

"There is for every man and woman some one scene, some one adventure, some one picture that is the image of our secret life, for wisdom first speaks in images and this one image, if we would brood over it our whole life long, would lead our souls disentangled from unmeaning circumstances into that far household where the undying gods await all whose souls have become as simple as flames."

In our course, Sarah is encouraging us to find that one image. It has been a wonderful quest to look at images of women throughout time and space and produce a book of the images that really speak to me. We are being asked to winnow our images down to the one that speaks to us the most. For now, for me, that image is a painting by Haynes King, done in 1872, called The Letter. A woman is sitting at a writing desk focused, serene and beautiful, fully engaged in her task. Light is coming in her window into an inviting room. I love this image and could look at it for a long time!

Being so captivated by this image, it seems to me that the time must be coming close to start writing my next book. I am waiting for the 'daemon of creativity', as Elizabeth Gilbert refers to it, to begin to move  through me! I am thinking it will soon! Woo hoo!!


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