Another step on the journey!

Again it has been long a time since I have posted an entry on this blog page. I have been making progress on the book in fits and starts. Interestingly, I have found myself writing the last chapters first, so I have written, and Joan has edited Eldership is the Reward, Mercy is the Key, and The Fallout. Courage to Change and Handling Freedom are in process.

Today I realized I wanted to write an Interlude, a little chapter which comes in between the Why we stay stuck and How we find the courage to make needed changes sections. This chapter examines assumptions we make, which keep us in less than powerful perspectives. I think my favourite self help book is The Four Agreements, by Don Miguel Ruiz. Ruiz makes conscious for us that we do make assumptions all the time, and these assumptions limit our options big time.

Anyway, wanted to let you all know that I am still writing! It is hard to fit it in amidst life's responsibilities, which are many and often enjoyable. However, I would love more often to have those hours of sitting down and engaging deeply with my manuscript, the pursuit which is for me, the most life-giving, soul nourishing one.

May you all have time to do what you are and what you love often this summer.

Love, Sue

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