First post!

 It has been a pretty exciting day. The talented Sheri Smith, graphic designer for all of my books, has helped me to create a fresh new website. We have had a wonderful weekend together in Rocky Mountain National Park, catching up, creating, hiking, eating and sleeping and basically enjoying time in this lovely part of the world. 

Now it is time to begin my first blog.Very exciting!

I am also ready to begin writing my next book. This will be the third book in a trilogy about healing soul misery. My first book, Healing Soul Misery: Finding the Pathway Home was about healing personal soul misery. The second one, If I Love You, Why Is It So Hard To Live With You, is about healing soul misery in an intimate relationship. The final book in this series will be called I Didn't Really Want to Be There : Why We Pretend, Remain Silent and Stay So Long. This book will address soul misery occurring in a larger system- like a work place or a community to which we belong. These are situations where we would prefer to be accepted, but it is increasingly difficult to pretend that we are doing well.

I have gathered a lot of material for this book and feel ready to begin to put it in order. I have realized that just as there are personal values and career values, and relationship values, so there are also system values. I have created a list of these system values and am now trying them out with people to see if I have captured all the ones which matter to people.

Pretty soon I will have to let the book take me over. Writing a book is like that. There is the first stage of information gathering, which is kind of fun and easy. Then there is the stage of starting to make a table of contents, which is made by categorizing the information I have gathered. At some point the book begins to write itself in my head and starts to want to be a top priority. I believe this time is coming and that after the next Bigger Game workshop weekend is over, it will be time to hibernate for the winter and let the book have its way with me!

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