Bigger Game

On the wonderful journey of the past 12  years, I met Rick Tamlyn. He was one of the co-leaders of the Leadership program that I was involved in during 2009. He and Laura Whitworth, another powerful Coaches Training institute Coach, developed a powerful workshop called The Bigger Game.

The Bigger Game is designed to help people answer two questions.

  1. What is my compelling purpose in this world?
  2. How can I live that out in a practical way… what is the Bigger Game I want to be up to in the world at this time?

In December 2009, I attended a Bigger Game workshop in Westford, Connecticut. I met another wonderful group of colleagues who have become friends. I loved the workshop, and found it to be both elegant and powerful. I loved it so much that I determined to become certified to lead the workshop myself, for the benefit of my patients, coaching clients, and friends.

I attended Train the Trainer May 4-8, 2010, at Silver Bay, New York. In this beautiful setting 10 amazing people from around the world met to learn the Bigger Game workshop timelines, for the sake of becoming effective facilitators of the workshop. After the workshop I hosted my first Bigger Game workshop in my studio June 18-19, 2010. Now, I co-facilitate the bigger game workshop regularly with Meni Mantzavrakos. Read more about Meni at



Denali National Park

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This One Tree Somewhere

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