Glad Tidings of Comfort and Joy

Lately, I have been enjoying a book by Christine Valters Paintner called Illuminating the Way. It is a study of 12 of the archetypes illustrated by monks or mystics who embodied them. I was stopped in my tracks by the archetype of Sovereign. Christine says that in olden days when women did not live long, women lived three archetypes: the Maiden, the Mother and then the Crone. Nowadays we are invited to step into another archetype between the Mother and the Crone. She is the Queen. Oh my goodness!! I decided I needed to take a day off just to concentrate on this archetype, mining it for what it can offer me for this time of my life, as I am about to turn 62. It has been a beautiful morning reading the information about the Sovereign type, doing the suggested meditation and colouring a mandala to deepen it all for me.

When we step into our Queen we come into contact with the parts of us which are calm, strong, centered, stable, powerful, joyful, and full of grace. We can contact the deepest thing we feel called toward and we can know deep within ourselves that we will find a way to live it out it the world.

I want to say that the deepest thing I feel called toward this day is to be a bearer of glad tidings of comfort and joy. Through my books, through my dance classes, through the workshops and coaching I offer, I know I am to be a source of comfort and joy. Now that I know this deeply, may it be so in 2017 and beyond!

Sue GleesonComment