Coaching for transition and transformation


For me, crocuses signify spring, new life, the end of winter, and hope. My fondest hope is that my impact will be like that of a crocus-that people will sense life, hope, and a new season of growth and possibility for their lives when they read my books, dance with me, attend a drumming circle or a workshop in my studio, or engage in one on one life coaching with me.  These days, I am in season of transition from adulthood into elderhood. I have the opportunity to examine my life and its meaning, to move into more mentoring, to consider the legacy I want to leave, and to engage in life repair processes. I find myself interested in life coaching opportunities which allow me to consider these things with the people I coach too. I have always enjoyed helping people attain clarity in their lives. No matter what the season, of our lives, I find that clarity continues to lead to freedom for people. No matter what life tasks I am personally engaged with, I hope to  continue to be an agent of clarity and thus freedom.


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Dr. Susan Gleeson has written three books, "Healing Soul Misery", "If I Love You, Why is it so Hard to Live With You?" and I Didn't Really Want to Be There.

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